Our day trip to London 26th- 28th, April2017  
(- a best-text mixture of class 7a)

On Wednesday evening we met at our school at 8.45pm.We were 61 pupils and 9 adults. Most of them were teachers (Mrs. Wilms-Drießen, Mrs. Rothenhäusler Braun, Mrs. Renner, Mrs. Paschek-Breuer, Mrs. Münchrath) I was very happy because I could sit next to my best friend upstairs in the double-decker bus! We were very excited and couldn’t sleep. The time on the ferry was very interesting, because it was so huge that it was like an adventure to find the right way. Unfortunately some of the pupils felt seasick! 

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After a few hours of half-sleeping in the bus, we arrived at London on a real sunny morning. Everything was exciting!!!We got off the bus at Buckingham Palace , took the first photos, walked through St James Park with lovely squirrels, saw Westminster Abbey, Big Ben (which was not so big as we had imagined!),and Trafalgar Square with 4 big lions .There we got into the hop-on-hop-off bus and enjoyed the ride until Baker Street. There was the Metropolitan Pub where we had to order our meals on our own. This was great and funny, too. Then we could buy souvenirs… This was fantastic, because we had to do all alone and we had to talk English! Later we went by Underground(-this was really thrilling!) until Piccadilly Circus. We passed China Town and went to the Tower Hill Station. There we used the Underground again until Westminster Embankment. Our highlight was the London Eye Ride! This was the best!!! We had a marvelous view about London! It took about half an hour. That was too short! But we were allowed to eat at Mc Donald’s after the ride, so it was ok! In the end we directly fell asleep in the bus on our way home.

All in all our daytrip to London was really great and unforgettable! Thank you teachers






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